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With burning passion to educate children with special needs, we have created a center where each child will be able to maximize their true potentials. Together with our dedicated teachers, assisted by technology, and geared with optimum facilities, we believe each child will have the opportunity not only to mature but also to become productive citizens of our society.

This was only a dream. A dream for our children and a dream for our society. Visit us and witness this dream turn into a reality.

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(LSDICI) Life Skills Development Intervention Center, Inc. is committed to improve the lives of families of children with special needs through excellent educational support and services, as well as by creating a place where the possibilities are endless despite incapacities. We will not only serve to create a utopia for exceptional children, but also educate the community to become compassionate and pro-active members working towards inclusion and equal opportunities.



(LSDICI) Life Skills Development Intervention Center, Inc. envisions a society of acceptance, of opportunities, and of compassion towards exceptional children. Every child with disabilities will have the freedom to live a life full of possibilities, and the support necessary to become productive members of our society.

About Our Center

Here at (LSDICI) Life Skills Development Intervention Center, Inc. we are devoted to adhere to the centre’s core principles of Commitment, Excellence, and Assistive Technology. With dedicated and competent teachers, together with information technology experts, we are driven to provide children with exceptionalities the opportunity to live a meaningful and substantial life.

The Life Skills Development Intervention Center, Inc., is dedicated provide you, and your child a place where they are accepted, and loved. We are part of your team. A team that will help you achieve goals for your child with exceptionality. Not only will we be an avenue for your child’s growth, but a home for them to surpass their limits, and reach beyond incapacities. Come and visit us as we realize our goals, and create possibilities!

The dilemma of families of children with special needs here in the Philippines has consistently existed because of the lack of community awareness, scarcity of services in educational institutions, as well as deficiencies of equipped educators willing to teach these children. Moreover, regions like Bicol which are distant to Manila endure greater problems for lack of options and available services for exceptional children. With the present issue at hand, a team of Special Education teachers, and information technology experts collaborated to alleviate the lives of families of children with special needs in Legazpi City.

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Behavior Management

Behavior Management

Behavior Management (BM) is a one-on-one specialized program focused on improving your child’s overall school, and home working behaviors. It aims to enhance your child’s ability to regulate and choose behaviors that are productive and socially acceptable. This will also develop his/her motor skills, including his/her ability to control his larger muscles, and fine motor that is necessary to function properly, and productively in school.

This program would help improve your child’s speech and language skills to facilitate better communication at home and school. The Behavior Coach will also provide management techniques, and necessary accommodation/modifications in classroom management should he/she be in an inclusive or mainstreamed educational placement.

Modified Academics Program

Modified Academics Program

Modified Academic Program (MAP) is a plan tailored for your child’s strengths and areas of improvement in academics. It aims to improve your child’s cognitive processing, and academic performance.

Mainly, it will give emphasis on maximizing your child’s potential in areas such as Mathematics, Reading, Writing, Filipino, and other learning areas that your child would need support. MAP would also provide accommodations, and modifications in curriculum, delivery, and assessment should your child be enrolled in a regular or mainstreaming educational institution.

Parent Support & Caregiver Training

Parent Support & Caregiver Training

The center aims to provide each child with exceptionality a chance to maximize their potential, and to facilitate better learning and development. The only way to achieve this is to educate all the individuals involved in the lives of these children. The center would be providing short workshops, seminars, and training for parents, guardians, or caregivers directly influencing the child’s behavior at home. It would train them on how to handle the child’s behavior at home so they may be able to improve not only the lives of their child, but their family as well.

Life Skills Training

Life Skills Training

Life Skills Training (LST) is a comprehensive program for adolescents with special needs that aims to provide an intensive skills development course to prepare your child for the adulthood phase. LST is fractioned into different areas namely:

4.1 Applied Academics

This area aims to teach your adolescent the basic academic skills practical for daily living. Such skills such as manipulating money, knowledge of directions, reading environmental signs, communication, and filling up necessary forms are necessary to improve your child’s living on a daily basis.

4.2 Pre-Vocational Training

At this area your child will be provided with general and basic training on 5 tracks such as clerical work, housekeeping, food preparation/ packaging, and merchandising to determine their strength and possible occupational placement in the future. This level would also teach them the basic working behaviors, and ethics that is generally significant in performing a specified work/job.

4.3 Community Living

The last area aims to develop your child’s general health, social and emotional skills when integrated in the community. It provides your child the opportunity to function, and to enjoy their privilege for leisure and recreation especially those that are beyond the premises of your immediate community. It is aimed towards allowing your children to be able to regulate themselves when confronted by social situations in the community, as well as to gear them for full independence.

Occupational Transition Program

Occupational Transition Program

The Occupational Transition Program (OTP) is a highly specialized program that aims to prepare your adolescent for a formal work placement in the community. The ultimate goal of this program is to be able to develop child’s independence, and work behaviors so he may be able to become a productive member of the society. OTP is divided into two phases namely:

5.1 Job Readiness Program (JRP)

In this phase, your child has developed skills necessary for a career track appropriate to his strength and capabilities. This will refine your child’s skills as he would be trained to work based on a set of competency a partner company would require your child to have to secure the employment. The phase would be center-based, and would take place in a simulated work environment.

5.2. Work Placement

The last phase of OTP is your adolescent’s actual integration to the company of deployment. He would be working on the company and be spending an arranged number of hours with his Job Coach so he may be able to flourish in his work environment. The program would also make necessary accommodations should the child have any concerns regarding his performance, given it is allowed, and arranged with the administration of the company. Should the institutions/company be unfit for the adolescent, the Job Coach will be facilitating his transfer, until such time that the center finds the workplace he best fits in.

Functional Academics

Functional Academics

Children who finds difficulty coping with the set of curriculum standards might flourish in a class et up that teaches the academic content that are necessary to one's daily life. Subject areas such as Mathematics, Reading, and Language can be modified according to the current level of performance of the child with emphasis on the essential skills that are practical with his daily life. Each subject area is tailored to the child’s age, gender, needs, and functioning. It will be a venue for her to prepare them for transitional skills. Skills are not taught in isolation but rather integrated in a multisensorial approach. It will also prepare them to regulate their own behaviours, and to function appropriately over his/her environment. 

Some of the integrated subject areas are as follows: 

  • Reading and Writing 
  • Math 
  • Activities of daily living 
  • Socio-emotional skills 
  • Arts and Crafts 
  • Activities of Daily Living  
  • Language and Communication

Special Education Class

Special Education Class

Preschool children who might need structuring to prepare them for regular schooling can enhace their skills in a classroom set-up. Children with exceptionalities need early intervention to prepare their behaviors for possible mainstreaming, or other classroom set up. In a SpEd class, children can socialize with friends, develop their social and language skills, as well as reach the cognitive potentials they are capable of. Teachers in this class deliver lessons and concepts in a specialized manner that all children will enjoy. Assessment and instruction varies depending on each child's characteristics, and capabilities.


Teacher Charm

Charmaine T. Mariscotes

- Teacher Charm -

"The future is filled with infinite possibilities."

Teacher Chris

Chris Joy B. Redoblado

- Teacher Chris -

"Teaching is enabling a child to do more than anyone thought possible."

Teacher Christine

Christine Victoria M. Novilla

- Teacher Christine -

"Change the world one child at a time, in this world full of possibilities."

Teacher Fat

Ma. Lourdes Fatima H. Martinez

- Teacher Fat -

"If a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn."

Miss Nica

Monica Ajero

- Miss Nica -

"The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you."

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